Driven by Passion, Purpose & Giving

After a decade of treatment, it took one more try before our founder got his hope—and life—back. When he and a friend committed to sobriety, they dreamed of opening a sober living home to provide the structure, safety and support that helped them. The dream became a reality with the opening of our first home on Carla Vista Drive in Chandler, Arizona in 2007. When we kept getting requests from treatment centers to expand, we knew we were proving that people can rebuild their lives based on our success.

Setting the Standard for Sober Living

As we grew into from a three-home charity into a business, we learned a lot about what it takes to be the best at what we do. Our structure creates safety and success. We’ve developed a proven relapse prevention system that includes:

  • An increased number of resident drug and alcohol screens
  • A weekly reporting system to help us share trends with outpatient aftercare providers
  • A commitment to building the most active and influential alumni network in the nation

We’re Going Places. Come With Us.

We’re Going Places. Come With Us.

Learn More About Our Homes

Carla Vista House

Carla Vista Sober Living in Chandler, Arizona makes it easy and desirable to be in a sober living home. Our Chandler home is fully furnished, located in a residential neighborhood and the most comfortable sober living home in Chandler. Located in close proximity to our mandatory 12-Step meetings, our home makes becoming sober as easy as possible. We at Carla Vista in Chandler, Arizona are dedicated to making your experience as successful as possible.

Legacy House

Carla Vista’s beautiful Legacy House located in Chandler, Arizona is the perfect next step to make after rehabilitation. Our two story, fully furnished sober living home is monitored by our house manager, who ensures the house stay completely drug and alcohol free with a no tolerance policy. Staying sober has never been more easy than living in our Chandler, Arizona Sober Living Home.

Horizon House

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, our Carla Vista Horizon House is a sober living home that provides our residents with all the tools needed to be successful on the path to sobriety. Our comfortable, fully furnished Scottsdale home comes complete with a big backyard and a pool, making our home feel more like a home than ever before. Our beautiful Scottsdale Sober Living Home is the next step you need to make after rehabilitation in Arizona.

Roanoke House

If you are looking to make the next step after rehabilitation in Gilbert, Arizona, Carla Vista’s Roanoke House is the solution. Our beautifully furnished home is an easy, comfortable way to put yourself in a completely drug and alcohol free environment. We at Carla Vista are dedicated to helping in anyway we can and our Gilbert Sober Living Home creates the best environment possible for you to be successful in your path to sobriety.

Yale House

Staying sober after rehabilitation has never been easier than living in Carla Vista’s Yale House in Gilbert, Arizona. Our fully furnished, two story home in Gilbert comes complete with a beautiful kitchen and a pool table. Located in a residential neighborhood in close proximity to our mandatory 12-Step meetings, Carla Vista’s Yale Ranch is the most convenient, successful way to stay on your path to sobriety.

Trinity House

Carla Vista Sober Living’s Trinity House in Gilbert, Arizona is the best next-step to make after rehabilitation to continue on the path to sobriety. Our beautifully furnished Gilbert home is the perfect escape away from drugs and alcohol while you continue your path to sobriety. With a newly furnished kitchen and wood floor living rooms, our two story home in Gilbert has a brand new feel to it. The Trinity House in Gilbert, Arizona is the next step you need to make to continue on with your sobriety after rehabilitation.

Stanford House

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Carla Vista’s Stanford House is the perfect escape to keep on the right path after rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol. Our comfortable, residential Aurora home comes fully furnished to make your transition from rehabilitation back into society as easy as possible. Within close proximity to our mandatory 12-Step meetings, our Stanford House creates a convenient,sober environment for you to continue your journey to sobriety.

Huskers House

Our Carla Vista Sober Living Home in Omaha, Nebraska is a beautiful, stone finished home located in a residential neighborhood making your stay here as peaceful as possible. Our residents love our fully furnished bedrooms as well as our new kitchen appliances. Living in our Huskers House is the easiest, most successful transition from rehabilitation back into society in Omaha. We at Carla Vista Omaha are dedicated to helping our residents become the best they can be and carry on their lives, sober and healthy.

Ventura House

If you are looking for sober living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Carla Vista’s Ventura House is the solution for you. Fully furnished and complete with a pool and a fire pit in the backyard, our Las Vegas Sober Living Home makes sobriety as comfortable as possible for you after rehabilitation. Living in our Ventura House in Las Vegas, Nevada is the easiest way to transition back into society, while being surrounded by a sober environment filled with people chasing the same goal as you; sobriety.