Sober-Living-Home-Alumni-Alcohol-and-Drug-Rehabilitation-AlumniCarla Vista Alumni Network

By the time members of our Carla Vista resident family reach 90 days of continuous sobriety, they’ve accomplished so much in their recovery. They’ve also reached another milestone by becoming Carla Vista Alumni. Each time this happens, we honor the event at our weekly house meeting and each alumnus finds a permanent place on their home’s “Alumni Wall.” We also recognize this accomplishment on our Facebook page in our “Milestone Mondays” section. Our alumni network is strong and growing stronger daily.

Moving Forward & Giving Back

Having a wealth of sober life experience means nothing if it’s not shared. Carla Vista Alumni are committed to helping others improve their lives through the 12-step principles of service. Our alumni can be found at weekly house meetings, sharing their wisdom and offering hope to residents who may be struggling with any aspect of their sobriety. Their voices have power because they’ve shared the same challenges as our current residents.

Carla Vista alumni have learned that giving back is crucial to one’s sobriety. Our alumni assist in tutoring our residents who are completing or furthering their education. We’re actively serving on committees within the recovery community, and each month our Phoenix alumni bring lunch and a 12-step meeting to Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS).

Alumni Events

Anyone who thinks sobriety can’t be fun hasn’t attended one of our alumni events. Each quarter, current Carla Vista residents join our alumni to enjoy each other’s company, make new memories, and expand their support group. Some of our activities have included: Carla Vista Super Bowl flag football, bowling, kickball, and our version of capture the flag. We’re creating more fun and friendships with every event!

Alumni Rating: 10 out of 10 Alumni Rating: 10 out of 10 Alumni Rating: 10 out of 10 Alumni Rating: 10 out of 10

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