Arizona Sober Living Success Stories

Tom- 6 years!!sober-6-years


Since you joined Carla Vista 5 years ago, I have been blessed with having a partner join in our vision to reach as many people in need as possible. You took this so much to heart that we have grown from 3 house in AZ 26 houses in 6 states. I have been blessed with watching you be one of the best fathers a daughter could ask for. You have found your soul mate and soon to be married. Even though you are the most sarcastic person I think I have ever met, you have a heart of gold when it comes to helping others and your way of reaching people in need is priceless. To date, you have touched in excess of 6,500 men and women lives and have planted seeds. What a gift! The life that you have impacted the most, in my opinion, is mine! You have been my partner and my friend and, for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for being a huge part of my recovery and thank you for everything you do for all of the men and women in our houses. Congratulations Tom!! Beyond proud of you!

Love you bro,

Gonzalo A.”

Shanna O- 1 year!!!one-year-sober

“Shanna, You have come so far since first moving into the house. I have watched you grow so much and you continue to seek and grow! It has been so amazing to see the life and all the gifts sobriety has given to you. Thank you for all you do and keep on the firing line! Love you!

Laura H”


Shaunna P- 3 years!!!!sober-3-years


You have been a huge influence on the women in Colorado as well as all the CV staff. I have watched you grow in your sobriety and simultaneously watched our program and houses get better and better. You have motivated, touched and influenced so many! You are the voice of reason on every conference call and have always brought a positive spin to things. Thank you for being a huge part of my recovery and thank you for everything you do for the houses, the women in sobriety and for me. Congratulations Shaunna!! Beyond proud of you!

Love you and keep inspiring!

Tom F”

Allen W- 5 years!!!sober-5-years


I’m sure your phone is blowing up with messages congratulating you… Well.. I’m NOT congratulating you. Instead, I’m saying “thanks”. Thanks for turning things around and becoming the man you are today. Thanks for showing me what a true friend looks like and making me want to be a better one.

Thank you for showing me what family means to you and making me get more involved with my own.

Thank you for working a solid program and always being present; showing me that I can’t do this on my own and making me get more involved.

Thank you for being the big brother that you are and inspiring me to be a better brother to my siblings.

Thank you for staying sober and helping everyone you have.

Allen, I look up to you more than I could ever express. You are absolutely awesome and I’m beyond happy to have you as a mentor and friend. I love you, dude!! Happy 5! Keep inspiring.

Jeff K- 4 years!!4-year-sobriety


Not only are you CV Alumni and staff, you are a part of our family. You have helped so many and have guided those seeking a better life in the right direction. Your slow, dry, and somewhat painful personality hasn’t slowed you down from being of service and always being there for the guys and myself. You are a great friend, always well dressed, a great father and someone that many people look up to. Thank you for staying in the solution and helping so many.

Love you brother. Keep inspiring!

Tom F”

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