Sober Success Stories

Amanda D.

In her small New Mexico hometown Amanda thought living life meant getting drunk or high all the time. She understood no other way. Her introduction to drugs and alcohol came shortly after her 11th birthday when she took her first drink. One year later she added marijuana to the mix and for the next two years made these her drug of choice – until she went to high school where her addiction gathered momentum. From pain killers to an assortment of other pills to cocaine, meth, and more, she was open to using anything that altered her mind.

Through her drug use, Amanda lost the opportunity to complete her high school education at a top-level private school. At 17 her using hit its climax. She started using heroin which, she said, became a full time job. “My using progressed from weekly to daily. I would literally get up and plan my day around using heroin. I obsessed to the point where I had to give up my job at Starbucks because I was no longer a viable employee.”

With using a major part of her life, Amanda though there was no way out. “I was oblivious to recovery because I thought using was a normal way of life,” she said. “I couldn’t understand people who didn’t use. I thought my working class family was abnormal.”

At 18 Amanda drug use led her to become a gun-touting gang member who ran the streets of her hometown. This led to her becoming entangled with the law and getting arrested at 20. With her family’s display of tough love, Amanda did her time and upon her release she packed a suitcase and headed to a Phoenix-area treatment center where she learned that a better way of life existed. After 60 days of treatment, she returned to New Mexico and promptly relapsed – running the streets for another two years. “The second time around was worse than the first,” she said. “My life became totally unmanageable and I became more miserable… I decided that I didn’t want to live like this anymore… and so I returned to the same Phoenix-area treatment center for another 60 days. I have not looked back since.”

Amanda said she solidified her recovery foundation by checking into Carla Vista Sober Living after treatment… for a six-month stay during which she developed her life skills around accountability and responsibility. She attended multiple step meetings daily and became a productive Carla Vista house member. Today, she works full time at a treatment center in Mesa, and during her free time she sponsors women who seek to gain traction in their recovery.

“I honestly don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t taken the suggestion of others and enter Carla Vista Sober Living after completing treatment,” she said. “I am sober today because of what I went through to get here. It wasn’t easy… but when I look back I say it was worth it.”

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