Hey There. I’m Andrew Stephens, and I am an alcoholic. I spent years quietly drinking.  For many years, no one knew. For the last few, everyone knew.  It ruined two marriages and continues to affect my relationship with my kids. I’m pretty sure it will forever.

I drank because I didn’t feel adequate to the tasks I set myself to. Despite the successes and the overwhelming abundance of accolades and smiling faces that patted my back and cheered me on.  I never saw them as such. I always felt, at any moment, that it all would fall away.  Worse, be torn away showing how incompetent I really was.

I tried, for years, to get dry and stay sober. I was on and off the wagon so often it felt like the tilt-a-whirl some years. I figured out, after being in and out of programs for those last three years, that I really needed to have, not just a program, but an absolute sober environment. I couldn’t just go from a program to the world successfully. I needed a point of safety to pass through, that reinforced my program, continued it, but also pushed me to begin interacting with the real world.

So with this being sober, I needed to live sober. I needed a sober home, sober work, and sober friends. Be with those who understood and supported this endeavor.  A 24/7 fully sober living environment, away from old haunts and old habits.  A cleanse of the past in order to see it better, the why to being sober, the benefits of being sober.  

I only found this through a sober living home.  Sharing a home in this environment served as a transition between the hard work of getting dry and sober, being sober, and fully interacting with a world full of the old triggers.

Surprisingly, the benefits of being sober are not discussed very often. It’s as though people assume that this is a natural inclination, a natural state to be in. In fact, for alcoholics and addicts, being sober is an unnatural state. Therefore, in order to make sobriety make sense, the addict needs to understand the benefits of staying sober. As they go from under the influence to dry and sober, they see those benefits and come to understand the difference.

Better Health

Removing the poison and you return the body to health. Illness will occur less often, strength will slowly increase, and energy reserves will return. This is a key component to restoring oneself to confidence.

More Money in Your Pocket

The cost of remaining drunk or high is astronomical. Being sober means more freed money in the coffers. It means being able to save. Having the capital to invest in oneself or a business.

Higher Intelligence

There is greater intelligence in sobriety.  The sober addict thinks clearer, has sharper mental faculties, and regains the ability to focus for longer periods of time.

Enjoy Life

Most important of all, sober people are able to enjoy the full existence of life.  Being lost in the confines of a booze haze or a spinning high, is nothing more than vapor.

Living sober brings the full impact of messy, rough, tough, and wonderful life. The challenge that is life. When you feel the joy and happiness of the mess, it helps to work through the harder part sober, instead of hiding in a bottle.

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