Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

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Since the earliest history of the American republic there have been voices warning of the dangers and pitfalls of alcohol consumption. Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Surgeon General of the Continental Army concluded that whiskey did the soldiers more harm than good. Although Prohibition was repealed in 1933, it failed to silence the advocates of total abstinence where alcohol is concerned. Whatever your position on liquor use and consumption, few will deny the benefits of no alcohol.

Better Sleep

Although some argue that they have trouble sleeping without a glass of wine or shot of bourbon, the fact remains that sleep is deeper and more refreshing without it. In fact, alcohol-free sleepers are demonstrated to spend longer stretches in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep than drinkers. This results in more energy during the day.

Better Sex

Yes, that’s right: better sex. Against all conventional wisdom, one of the major benefits of not drinking alcohol is an improved sex life. Granted, a roll in the hay might be averted when you operate at full capacity–which is a good thing when you avoid a dreadful mistake with the wrong person. Still, sober sex allows you and your partner to be fully in the moment, experiencing sensations otherwise dulled by booze. The plumbing functions better, too.

No More Hangovers

If you like pounding headaches, dry mouth and a lingering lethargy that sticks with you for days, then keep drinking. If not, enjoy physical vigor and mental clarity upon awakening as two benefits of quitting drinking.

Improved Skin Tone

Drinking can cause a decline in skin quality in both the long- and short-terms. In the immediate, many imbibers observe redness and inflammation in the epidermis. Since alcohol is also a strong diuretic, the consequential dehydration can lead to premature wrinkling.

Better Food Choices

Another reason why not drinking alcohol is good for you is the improvement in diet that often follows abstinence. Many former drinkers report that their food selections were poor when under the influence, tending toward junk food. Sensible choices followed sober living.

Better Relationships

The old saw about alcohol bringing out the real you is bogus. Authentic living requires that you see things as they are, a perspective blurred by alcohol. Even if relationships are presently strained or dysfunctional, they will never get better until liquor is eliminated.

Overall Mental Health is Strengthened

When physical health and stamina grow, there is a naturally positive mental and emotional response. This is not to say quitting alcohol is all that is necessary. At the same time, having a sound and clear mind allows you to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

Eliminates Toxic Agents

Temperance advocates of old were dismissed as hyperbolic for referring to alcohol as “poison.” In fact, it is. There is a reason why so many alcoholics must endure “detox.” Alcohol’s chemical components damage the liver, kidneys and intestines. Many recovering alcoholics find residential programs helpful as the poisons work their way out of the bloodstream. Sober living Arizona understands this healing.

Elevates the Mood

True, many people are driven to alcohol in the first place by depression, anxiety, stress and hopelessness. Still, beer, wine and liquor do not heal these conditions. Instead, they numb you to them. Giving up alcohol — with the aid of competent and caring professionals at Carla Vista Sober Living — enables you to manage and eliminate these afflictions.

Saves Money

Liquor, especially for the addict, is an expensive proposition. Getting help to give it up pays enormous financial dividends.

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