Carla Vista Sober Living: Anthony P’s Story

From the 7th Grade to the beginning of his high school years in the Town of Gilbert, Anthony … with an affinity for smoking weed… saw himself as “just a pothead”; until he got introduced to Vicodin and Percocet.

“Once I got a taste of these pills my addiction slowly progressed to the point where I began stealing from my family and my friends to feed my habit,” he said. “I soon realized that supporting my pill habit had become way too expensive… and so… I turned to heroin.”

Hooked on heroin Anthony’s addiction soared, as his using became a daily routine that transformed him into a monster – separating him from his loved ones. “I was kicked out of my parents’ home and was homeless for three months,” he said. “I hustled on the streets to pay my way and when things got really tight, I sold my truck. I lost everything.”

As he succumbed to the rigors of the streets and being abandoned by his family and friends, Anthony gave in and sought help from his parents who checked him into Chandler Valley Hope. “I went into CVH for 28 days and didn’t do the work,” Anthony said. “I went through the motion and came out of there pretty much the same way I went in.”

At the urging of a friend, Anthony checked into Carla Vista Sober Living after CVH; but a poor attitude and an unwillingness to stay sober led him to leave there against the advice of his peers. “I returned to my parents’ home and relapsed almost immediately,” he said. “I ran the streets for the next six months and found that nothing had changed from the time before. If anything, it had gotten worse.”

With his misery at a high point, Anthony gained his moment of clarity. He returned to Carla Vista Sober Living and re-committed himself to his recovery. “This time around I went into Carla Vista with a mission to get my life back,” he said. “I knew that I had to get serious and take the suggestion of those who were trying to help me… and I did.”

For the next10 months, Anthony did the work necessary to experience the psychic change that many in the Fellowship of Recovery talk about. He became the recovering addict committed to a better way of life. And presently, with more than a year of continuous sobriety the 27-year-old attributes his recovery success to re-entering Carla Vista with an open mind. “The second time around I went into Carla Vista Sober Living as a sponge,” Anthony said. “I saw all these guys there who were sober, smiling, and having a good time… and I was determined to do what I had to do to get some of what they had.”

Today, Anthony smiles once more. He has repaired his relationship with his family and holds a full-time job selling products and services for a Phoenix-area company. “I get to have dinner with my mom and my sister at least once a week,” he said. “And for the first time in my life… I have a lease under my name and can pay my rent on time.” As he looks toward the future, Anthony says his ambition is to return to college and pursue a business degree and eventually operate his own business. With an Associate Business Degree already behind his name, he is well on his way toward achieving that goal.

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