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Prior to 2017, Colorado seemed to have its addiction problem under control. Deaths from opioids were below the national average and there were few other substances to cause concern. However, there was a notable shift in Colorado’s fortunes from 2017 onwards and The Centennial State has experienced a number of issues since.

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Meth Rehab in Colorado

According to figures provided by the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner, methamphetamine is one of the leading causes of drug-related deaths in Denver. They looked at toxicology reports from all drug-related deaths, including those that were not a direct result of the drug itself (such as accidents that occurred because the user was under the influence). They found that methamphetamine was present in most of them, followed by amphetamine and alcohol.

Meth has been the drug of choice for many Colorado users since the 1990s, and it continues to be pervasive in all walks of life, with many predicting that it will continue to remain an issue even when other drug epidemics have become a thing of the past.

Denver is a major transportation hub, and for many methamphetamine manufacturers south of the US-Mexico border it’s the ultimate goal. The government may have put a stop to homegrown meth, but in doing so they unleashed cheaper made-in-Mexico meth on the population, and it’s this that is spreading through every major town, city and suburb.

Many Mexican cartels see the city of Denver as a goldmine and have established a host of routes to get drugs into the city, from where they travel across Colorado and into neighboring states. This is why the state has such a big issue and why it’s not going to go away any time soon. It’s also why we established our Denver sober living facility to provide direct care to people in this city.

It’s not just Denver that has this issue, however. Meth is no longer confined to the big towns and cities and it can be found in even the most rural parts of the state. In fact, it has become more common in rural areas than it has ever been, which has led to the breakdown of countless communities across the state.

Our Colorado sober living facility was established to fight this growing epidemic and to help those in need, chipping away at the issue and aiming to eradicate it piece by piece. Our facilities are equipped to deal with meth addicts from all walks of life, regardless of how extensive their addiction is. If you are suffering from a methamphetamine or amphetamine addiction, you can get the help you need in our Colorado sober living homes.

Opioid Rehab in Colorado

Across the entire state of Colorado, there were close to 1,000 deaths, and most of the ones that didn’t stem from methamphetamine use were the result was opioids. These drugs are considered deadlier than methamphetamine as the overdose risk is greater. There are also many of them. If you look at the aforementioned toxicology report and group all opioids into one (including morphine, heroin, codeine, oxycodone, oxymorphone, methadone and fentanyl) they are more present than meth and kill more people.

Opioids are often grouped into one because they present similar symptoms and they present many of the same challenges for rehab clinics and detox specialists. Our experts are trained in the issues that opioid addiction presents and they understand the need for a safe, drug-free environment where regular therapy and support is always available.

Whether you have a short-term addiction to mild opiates like codeine, or a long-term addiction to stronger opioids like fentanyl and oxycodone, you can get the help you need in our Colorado sober living facilities.

Colorado Sober Living

Our sober living facilities in Colorado are designed to give addicts a second chance, to help them get back on their feet and rediscover their place in the world. It is never too late and you’re never too far into your addiction to escape. With the right help everyone can detox and attain sobriety and that’s why these sober living homes were established.

They will ensure that you remain in a drug-free, safe and secure environment throughout your recovery period, helping you over the initial acute withdrawals and then providing you with continued support and assistance to usher you through the psychological and emotional barriers that follow.

If you are in or near the state of Colorado and you need assistance getting over an addiction, whether that addiction be to opioids, meth, alcohol, marijuana or anything else, then contact one of our specialists today and book your place in our Colorado sober living facility.

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Resident, Female

Sober living is a way of life that has shown me how to have fun in sobriety while having responsibilities. It’s given me a chance to be me, make mistakes, change and grow to help…

Resident, Female

It’s a wonderful place. It helps keep you accountable and is a huge part of my recovery. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else because these houses are now my family.

Resident, Male

…the best choice I’ve made in recovery

Resident, Male

Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live

Resident, Male

I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly

Resident, Male

…Carla Vista has saved my life…the fellowship you find in these houses is like nowhere else.

Resident, Male

“I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly”

Resident, Male

“Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live”

Resident, Female

I’m gaining the important parts of my life back, especially with my family. I’ve grown so much and matured from where I came from. I’ve learned that there’s more in life for me to help me move forward.

Resident, Female

I feel like I actually have an honest and real chance for once in my entire life to be the person that I was meant to be.



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One of the hardest things to admit is that addiction is a family disease. You never wanted to see your family member suffer. You’ve probably tried to pick up the pieces. More than anything, you want your loved one back—the one you knew before addiction took them away. We can help make that happen.

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