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About Us

Carla Vista Sober Living provides a safe and sober environment free from drugs and alcohol based on the 12 steps of recovery. We provide comfortable sober living in Colorado Springs housing that anyone would call home where genuine life-long friendship are created. The key to success is in a structured program with support from people that understand. You can do it. Your life is waiting.

Our Homes

When we chose our Carla Vista Sober Living Homes, we made sure that they were places anyone would want to call home. We closed 2017 with over 25 homes in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada & Texas. We offer a safe, comfortable, and beautiful environment for you to work on your recovery, reclaim your life, and rediscover your dreams.


  • Fully furnished living and dining rooms
  • Fully furnished bedrooms
  • Bedroom linens and bathroom towels
  • Fully-stocked kitchen
  • Cable television and DVD player
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • House computer
  • House telephone with local calls included
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Barbeque
  • Outdoor patio
  • Storage and parking
  • FREE gym membership to current residents in Arizona and Nebraska

Admission Requirements

  • Resident must be at least 18 years-old
  • Pass move-in background screening, breathalizer and drug testing
  • Daily house chores
  • Full-time employment, school, or volunteer work
  • Two weekly mandatory house meetings
  • Two weekly mandatory house 12-step meetings
  • 12-step home group
  • Sponsor in a 12-step program
  • Daily 12-step meeting attendance
  • Service commitment within 12-step home group
  • Random and scheduled breathalizer and drug testing

If you or one of your loved one’s needs help with their addiction, finding the right place to seek treatment can be difficult. If you have struggled to find the right place for recovery, your search ends here. For over a decade, Carla Vista Sober Living Homes has been helping cure the addictions of people, not only in Colorado Springs, but nationwide. Not only do we give you all of the treatment that you need, our residents live in a temptation free, sober environment. Staying in a safe, comfortable place while in recovery is key, in order to keep your mind in the right place throughout the process.

Our homes are fully furnished and have countless amenities that make your stay as enjoyable as possible. You will feel at home the second you step foot into any of our homes because of the welcoming environment that we have created for our residents. Located in a safe neighborhood and a friendly community, our Colorado Springs home cannot be beat.

Making It Easier

An outpatient program often leaves patients vulnerable when it comes to drug and alcohol use, and the possibility of relapse. By joining an inpatient facility, like our sober living home in Colorado Springs, our residents eliminate all of the temptations and drastically cut the chances of relapse by staying in a safe, controlled environment. Our sober living homes are all located in close proximity to our mandatory 12-step meetings, to make it easier for residents to stay on track. When treatment is required and easily accessible, the chances that our residents will utilize these programs increases tremendously.

Carla Vista Sober Living Homes’ hands on approach allows our residents to confront and insecurities and fears, instead of hiding behind drugs and alcohol. This approach is one of the main reasons that our residents have such a high success rate in their sobriety, long term. From short and long term drug treatments, to support groups, and counseling, we make sure that we are setting our residents up exactly where they need to be to eliminate addiction and increase the success of recovery. Our goal is for our residents to leave Carla Vista feeling healthy, happy, and ready to tackle life without drugs and alcohol.

It is imperative to make sure that you or your loved ones are getting the proper treatment that they need while in recovery. At Carla Vista we specialize in making sure that you get the correct treatment to cure your addiction and regain control of your life.

Why Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs, Colorado is the second largest city in the state and a mecca for a variety of endeavors. From new beginnings in business, to sports and prestigious universities, Colorado Springs is bustling with opportunity. The community is friendly and welcoming to new residents, making a transition to the beautiful city an easy one. Coming to a new place can be difficult, but Colorado Springs makes it a positive experience for those ready to change their life for the better.

Colorado Springs is home to the University of Colorado and the US Air Force Academy. The sheer abundance of activities from river fun (white water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking), mountain hiking, camping, and biking, to sightseeing historical areas of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas makes the city a great place to call home.

Recently Sober Graduates

Resident, Female

Sober living is a way of life that has shown me how to have fun in sobriety while having responsibilities. It’s given me a chance to be me, make mistakes, change and grow to help…

Resident, Female

It’s a wonderful place. It helps keep you accountable and is a huge part of my recovery. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else because these houses are now my family.

Resident, Male

…the best choice I’ve made in recovery

Resident, Male

Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live

Resident, Male

I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly

Resident, Male

…Carla Vista has saved my life…the fellowship you find in these houses is like nowhere else.

Resident, Male

“I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly”

Resident, Male

“Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live”

Resident, Female

I’m gaining the important parts of my life back, especially with my family. I’ve grown so much and matured from where I came from. I’ve learned that there’s more in life for me to help me move forward.

Resident, Female

I feel like I actually have an honest and real chance for once in my entire life to be the person that I was meant to be.

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