Hotline Outreach – College campuses have the highest at risk population for drug addiction.

Why is this?

It is the combination of the age group (17-25), social anxieties, atmosphere, and stressors.

All campuses, regardless of religious, prestige, or even programs, have this same risk.  It varies as to how extreme. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like your campus?

The reasons for such high risks are as follows:

Stress: For the younger students, many of them away from home for the first time. Some are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Additionally the personal accountability can be incredibly hard for some students. They are in complete control of themselves and their actions, without oversight, and many find it hard to stay on top of their game when faced with a busy class and studying schedule.

Course Load: Frequently students are overloaded with challenging courses and extracurricular activities (sports).  They soon realize that college workload is far greater than high school and requires far more time spent studying to be successful.

Curiosity: A strong component to this age group is the great curiosity factor. Kids naturally want to experiment and may feel safe enough to do so while in college.

Peer Pressure: This aspect never goes away in life, and this is especially true in college. There are new friends and new situations to which the student has not been exposed to before such as parties and the local bar scene. Many college bars allow underage students as a place to hangout after class. There is a difficulty with just saying ‘no’ when someone hands you a pill, smoke or drink.  After just one, the inhibitions are lowered, leading the way to try more.

Whether it’s a pill from a friend for pain or stress, a binge drinking party or curious exploration, for some, the brain become reliant on these drugs and equates the need to something akin to food. Addiction has set in. It may take several times or just that first try, depending on the person but the end result is the same. They have a problem.

We offer a fully staffed 24/7 HotLine for students and staff in each city where we host homes, to help the greater community. We want students to know that they are not alone. The sooner they recognize that they are developing or have a problem, the better their chances are of recovery with little negative effect on their life.

The goal isn’t just to prevent addiction to begin with, but to stop it before the person reaches rock bottom. We offer help. We listen, give advice, and will bring you to the resources, all locally accessible, and help you through this hard path.

No judgement, just help.

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