If you are a man who just finished drug or alcohol rehabilitation and are currently looking for a halfway house, Carla Vista Halfway Homes for Men are the next step in the right direction for you.

With homes located in cities around Arizona, Colorado and Nevada, Carla Vista has a home that is well suited for you. Our Halfway Homes are located in residential neighborhoods and are fully furnished to make your transition as simple as possible. We at Carla Vista are here to help you stay sober and continue chasing your dreams.

Carla Vista Halfway Homes require our men to pass randomized drug and breathalyzer tests as well as a mandatory drug screening prior to residency. We also require residents to maintain either a steady full-time job, education or community service to help force you back into the world and on your feet again. We at at Carla Vista know what it takes to overcome an addiction and start a new, fresh life where you can recreate your dreams.

By requiring our residents to stay sober and maintain a healthy, successful lifestyle, our Halfway Homes push our male residents to be not only the man they once were prior to their addiction, but even better.

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