Jana Rae

Colorado Women’s Program Manager

For most of her adult life Jana experienced the torment and anguish that come with alcohol addiction. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe that taking that first sip would ultimately turn her life upside down – but it did. She was trapped by the cunning nature of alcoholism, failing to believe that she had a problem until multiple consequences came her way – from custody battles to losing her freedom to DUIs.

With her life spiraling out of control and the death grip of her disease getting tighter – Jana found her way to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and immediately began making progress in her recovery. As she reflects, she recalls how committed she was to the first Three Steps and how she thought she had arrived after completing them; but after eight years of continuous sobriety her recovery foundation fell apart and she returned to the bottle for another eight years.

The self-destructive path that she thought was behind her resurfaced — and so did the consequences she faced the first time around. With everything to lose and nothing to gain, Jana returned to God and to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. She did something differently this time; she completed all 12 Steps and took on service commitments to keep herself involved and grounded.

Today, with more than 2 years of continuous sobriety, Jana has her family back in her life and a job that she loves. She says she is happy because she gets to experience things she wasn’t able to experience while actively using.

“Today, I can experience my passion to go scuba diving, gardening, and being a Denver native and rooting for the Denver Broncos,” she said smiling. “Where I stand today, I give God and the fellowship of AA thanks. I am grateful for this job because it gives me the opportunity to do something that I am passionate about — giving back to the Fellowship of Recovery.”

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