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Carla Vista Sober Living provides a safe and sober environment free from drugs and alcohol based on the 12 steps of recovery. We provide comfortable housing that anyone would call home where genuine life-long friendship are created. The key to success is in a structured program with support from people that understand. You can do it. Your life is waiting.

Our Homes

When we chose our Carla Vista Sober Living Homes, we made sure that they were places anyone would want to call home. We closed 2017 with over 25 homes in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada & Texas. We offer a safe, comfortable, and beautiful environment for you to work on your recovery, reclaim your life, and rediscover your dreams.


  • Fully furnished living and dining rooms
  • Fully furnished bedrooms
  • Bedroom linens and bathroom towels
  • Fully-stocked kitchen
  • Cable television and DVD player
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • House computer
  • House telephone with local calls included
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Barbeque
  • Outdoor patio
  • Storage and parking
  • FREE gym membership to current residents in Arizona and Nebraska

Admission Requirements

  • Resident must be at least 18 years-old
  • Pass move-in background screening, breathalizer and drug testing
  • Daily house chores
  • Full-time employment, school, or volunteer work
  • Two weekly mandatory house meetings
  • Two weekly mandatory house 12-step meetings
  • 12-step home group
  • Sponsor in a 12-step program
  • Daily 12-step meeting attendance
  • Service commitment within 12-step home group
  • Random and scheduled breathalizer and drug testing

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska, has experienced its fair share of difficulties over the years, including unemployment and homelessness, but it’s currently facing one of its biggest demons yet: drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Lincoln sober living house has helped countless addicts to attain sobriety and get back on their feet, but there are still many more that need help in this city and across the state of Nebraska.

Sober Living in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska has a big issue with opioid addiction and other drug addictions. The rate of death from drug overdose in Nebraska is significantly lower than the national average, at just 2.4 deaths per 100,000 people (the national average is 13.3), but there are more opioid prescriptions here than the national average and this number seems to be on the increase.

Methamphetamine and cocaine are also widely used in Nebraska and have been for a number of years. Most of the illicit drugs found on the streets of Nebraska’s biggest towns and cities are shipped in from Mexico, but some of the more dangerous drugs, including the synthetic opioid fentanyl, are being shipped from China via airmail, often in small packages that are easily overlooked.

Nebraska also has a big issue with alcohol and ranks as one of the worst states for binge drinking and alcoholism. A fifth of citizens admit to excessive drinking and can be defined as alcoholics or borderline alcoholics, and this situation is at its worst in metropolitan areas such as Lincoln.

The Importance of Sober Living in Lincoln

As mentioned above, Lincoln has some of the highest rates of alcoholism in the state of Nebraska and across the United States. This is one of the reasons why we have focused so heavily on sober living in Lincoln—alcoholism slowly poisons the body, destroying organs, affecting an addict’s career and family life, and leaving them a shadow of their former selves.

Lincoln’s alcohol problem is not going to go away, just as its problems with cocaine, methamphetamine and opioids are not going to go away. But our Lincoln sober living houses can still save thousands of addicts and help countless families across the state, and that’s all the inventive we need to continue our work.

Nebraska may have some of the lowest rates of drug overdose death in the US, but those figures are still on the increase and it’s our goal to turn them around and ensure that fewer people are falling victim to these substances every year.


Lincoln Sober Living Houses: Benefits

Our Nebraska sober living houses, just like all our sober living facilities, are designed to provide addicts with an escape from their addictions and the stressful lives that led them to those addictions.

These houses are 100% drug and alcohol free. They encourage networking, activities and therapy sessions, all of which are proven to help with the recovery process. They also help the addict to step away from their addictions, their old friends and their old ways and to gradually work through their issues until they are strong enough and sober enough to return.

Withdrawal is often seen as a short and physical experience, something that causes great discomfort but is typically over within a few days or weeks. But while this period of withdrawal does exist, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg with regards to the suffering that the addict will go through before they attain sobriety.

The goal of our Lincoln sober living home is to provide assistance for all stages of this process, from the pain of acute withdrawal right on through to the slow and painful protracted withdrawal stage, where the recovering addict is filled with self-doubt, anxiety and temptation, and is always one bad decision away from a relapse.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. If you have been through withdrawal and recovery many times but always find yourself relapsing at the first sign of depression, stress, or anxiety, our sober living homes can help you to clear those final hurdles once and for all.

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