Mindfulness Addiction Recovery – How it Can Help

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Mindfulness remains a term that gets examined by many people, especially when you start talking about addiction treatment programs. But how does mindfulness and treatment relate to each other? What is the relationship between mindfulness and substance abuse. Can it help you move on?

Mindfulness remains a way of thinking that focuses your mind on the positive aspects of your life. It is a state of paying active attention to the here and now, and not worrying about the past or the future for a while. If you are emotional, developing a practice of mindfulness remains a means of reducing stress levels and beating yourself up over past mistakes. This is not how you will be treated in sober living and should not be how you treat yourself.

Mindfulness Alcohol Treatment

Being mindful helps people discover and explore repressed memories that may be standing in the way of your sobriety. Mindfulness also brings up repressed memories that are a part of why you drink. While the intention of being mindful remains to be in the present, the emotions you may feel while being mindful may bring up repressed memories that might explain what you think when you experience the need to drink. The 12 step program also provides you with the ability to stop and think before you take that drink.

Mindfulness and Addiction Treatment

Being able to experience a mindfulness addiction practice allows you to be able to step away from your problems for a few moments. A part of mindfulness addiction treatment includes that you be nonjudgmental, using mindfulness during addiction treatment allows you the ability to look at a present situation objectively. During your stay, you’ll learn to be more mindful of your thoughts and take a look at your treatment process from a realistic point of view without being too self-judgmental. A serious living situation is not always easy, but helps you put your mindfulness practice to practical use.

Meditation for Addiction

Meditation and substance abuse recovery go hand in hand to create a thriving environment for sobriety to thrive. You can study more about the benefits of meditation for addiction recovery while attending rehab at Carla Vista Treatment Center. Or, if you are the loved one of a person struggling with addiction, our rehab center can show both you and your loved one how to cope with the recovery process and how to live a sober life. Additionally, meditation can:

  • Assist your treatment program.
  • Improve you’re all over health.
  • Protect you from depression.
  • Assist you in feeling better if you’re depressed.
  • Help you feel more socially connected.
  • Assist you in coping with rejection by others.

Life at Carla Vista

Inpatient treatment remains one of the most successful ways for a person to receive help for an addiction. Developing mindfulness and meditation practices also increase the rate if staying sober in addition to a stable, sober living experience as a part of treatment.

In our sober living homes, you’ll experience a significant amount of freedom but live in a that doesn’t permit drug or alcohol use. Our sober living house setting is prepared to help you smoothly transfer from rehab back out into society.

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