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Nebraska doesn’t have a big population like New York or California and it’s not a key trafficking route like Arizona and Nevada. It’s a rural, peaceful state that you won’t find at the top of any addiction and abuse charts. However, Omaha,Nebraska still has many issues with drugs and alcohol abuse and its people still need the care provided by our Nebraska sober living facilities.

To some degree, rural areas suffer the most from drug addiction, as it only takes a generation of addicts to completely obliterate a community, destroying the fabric that once kept everyone together and creating a web of distrust and fear. This is exactly what’s happening in counties across the Cornhusker State.

Opioid Rehab Nebraska

On the face of it, Nebraska doesn’t have that big of an issue with opioids. The rate of overdose death in the state is nearly half that of the national average and there are also fewer opioid prescriptions than the national average. However, the US is in the grip of an opioid epidemic right now and has a higher rate of addiction and death than any other country in the developed world. When you take Nebraska out of this context, you realise that it still has a big issue, with over 100 people dying every year as a result of heroin or prescription opioid abuse.

Opioid use is also on the increase. After remaining steady throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, it experienced a sharp increase in the middle of the 2000s and has been climbing ever since. More prescriptions are being written, more addictions are being created, and when this happens you get the same issue that the rest of the US is experiencing: if you take those prescriptions away, the addicts will look to the street and to drugs like heroin to get their fix.

It’s a catch-22 that can only be fixed with proper education, regulation and care. We can’t help with the first two, but we can help with the latter. Our Nebraska sober living facilities are well equipped to deal with opioid addicts and have helped countless recovering addicts to attain sobriety. These homes, including our sober living facility in Lincoln, are designed to provide recovering addicts with a safe, secure, drug-free environment where they can recover under the guidance of rehabilitation specialists.

Time and time again research has shown that an addict is more likely to relapse when they are treated only for a few days or weeks. This is often enough to get them through the acute withdrawals, especially where opioids are concerned, but it’s not enough to get them through the psychological and emotional issues that follow—it’s not enough to each them how to avoid temptation, how to stitch their lives back together and how to stay healthy. Our sober living facilities in Nevada go the extra mile, providing extended care to ensure that every addict is given the chance to remain in the facility until they are 100% sober and ready to leave.

This helps to break the cycle of addiction/relapse that some addicts can experience for their entire lives.

Drug Abuse in Nebraska

Stimulants like methamphetamine, cocaine and amphetamines are the drugs of choice for many Nebraska residents. Meth is by far the most common drug in the state, with most hospital and rehab admissions resulting from this drug. There is no longer a major issue with homegrown meth as the local authorities have effectively stamped this out by severely restricting the sale of key ingredients.

However, these restrictions gave Mexican drug cartels the opportunity they needed to flood the US with cheap meth, which is thought to enter Nebraska via neighboring Colorado, with hubs like Denver connecting rural Nebraska with Mexico.

Marijuana use is also common, as is alcohol abuse. In fact, Nebraska has been called one of the “10 drunkest states” in the country based on per capita consumption. The rate of alcohol abuse in underage residents is roughly in line with what can be seen across the rest of the country, but the rate of consumption in legal adults is significantly higher, with around a quarter of the population admitting to binge drinking on a regular basis.

In our Nebraska sober living facilities we don’t discriminate based on the drug being used or the extent of abuse. If you have an addiction and you need help, we can provide that help.

To begin the treatment process, contact our sober living specialists today and book your place in one of our Nebraska sober living facilities.

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Resident, Male

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“I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly”

Resident, Male

“Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live”



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