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In Nevada there are more deaths from drug overdose than there are from suicide, firearms and the flu. If you look at the biggest killers in the United Sates and even in the state of Nevada, you won’t see “drug addiction”, but that’s only because it falls under “accidents”, the fourth leading cause of death in Nevada and the US.

If it were added to the list, it would be the seventh biggest killer in Nevada, as well as one of the fastest growing threats to the state’s health. In our Nevada sober living homes we see the damage that addiction is doing up-close and we’re committed to eradicating it.

Opioid Abuse in Nevada

According to the CDC, there are over 400 opioid related deaths in Nevada every year. Many of these result from prescription opioids, but heroin use has also been on the increase and the deaths from this street drug doubled between 2012 and 2017.

The issue is that many people are being prescribed opioids for legitimate reasons and are then developing an addiction. When that prescription is taken away from them, either because they can no longer afford it or because the condition for which it was prescribed is no longer present, they turn to heroin to get their fix.

Heroin is often cheaper and in some cases it may also be easier to acquire. Of course, there is a greater risk of death, HIV infection, and a host of other issues with heroin use, but an addict in a state of withdrawal is likely to ignore these risks and to focus purely on getting their fix.

The trend towards heroin that we see in Nevada can also be see throughout the United States, because if an opioid addict loses their drug of choice without undergoing a detox or being provided with proper rehabilitation care, they will nearly always seek an alternative and for many that alternative is heroin.

This is reflected in the rate that opioid prescriptions are being written in Nevada. In 2017 there were 73.0 prescriptions for every 100 people, which was significantly higher than the national average of 58.7, but lower than it had been for a number of years. The number of prescriptions has continued to drop in the years since 2017, but this drop almost directly correlates to an increase in heroin use and, as a result, an increase in heroin-related deaths.

Nevada, like many other states, has also seen a sharp increase in the number of fentanyl-related deaths. This is potent synthetic opioid produced in China and then shipped into the US via standard mail. It is used to increase the potency of batches of heroin and because it’s so potent, it only takes a slight miscalculation on behalf of the dealer or the user to trigger an overdose. The more heroin use a state experiences, the more fentanyl deaths it records.

All of this makes for pretty scary reading for residents of Nevada, but it’s not a permanent issue and by educating the public on the dangers of opioid addiction and giving recovering addicts adequate care, it’s a problem that will go away.

That’s why we’re so committed to helping recovering addicts in our Nevada sober living facilities. These sober living homes are equipped to deal with all kinds of addictions, but there has been a recent surge in prescription opioid and heroin addiction, ensuring our specialists are more than well prepared to deal with future issues.

Sober Living in Nevada

You could be forgiven for thinking that drug addiction and substance abuse in Nevada is centered around the city of Las Vegas. It’s the city of sin, after all. But it can also be seen in Henderson, which has a growing problem with drug and alcohol addiction.

That’s why we founded our Henderson sober living facility. This facility was established to provide a high level of care to drug and alcohol addicts from Henderson, Vegas, and other major towns and cities. It is a safe, drug-free facility that provides optimal care to recovering addicts in all stages of recovery.

In fact, the location of this recovery centre is crucial for residents of Henderson and Las Vegas as it’s located away from the chaos of the Strip and away from the worst-hit parts of town. This helps to keep temptation at bay for every resident, while also keeping the lure of the neon lights and everything it promises at arm’s length.

Every user reaches a point in their lives when they realize it’s time to change, when they understand the damage that they addiction is doing to their bodies and minds, as well as their friends, loved ones and careers. If you have reached this point, then contact one of our specialists today and book your place in our Nevada sober living home. The road to recovery is not easy and it’s not short, but our services help to hasten this process and make it as comfortable as possible while keeping relapses to an absolute minimum.

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Resident, Female

Sober living is a way of life that has shown me how to have fun in sobriety while having responsibilities. It’s given me a chance to be me, make mistakes, change and grow to help…

Resident, Female

It’s a wonderful place. It helps keep you accountable and is a huge part of my recovery. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else because these houses are now my family.

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…the best choice I’ve made in recovery

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Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live

Resident, Male

I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly

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…Carla Vista has saved my life…the fellowship you find in these houses is like nowhere else.

Resident, Male

“I feel like I have a chance to succeed because I’ve been shown a way to live honestly”

Resident, Male

“Sober living has given me a solid foundation on how to live”

Resident, Female

I’m gaining the important parts of my life back, especially with my family. I’ve grown so much and matured from where I came from. I’ve learned that there’s more in life for me to help me move forward.

Resident, Female

I feel like I actually have an honest and real chance for once in my entire life to be the person that I was meant to be.



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