New Sober Living Home Regulation in Arizona

sober-living-carla-vista-regualtionArizona has become a hub for recovery centers and sober living homes in recent years. The state has had a growing drug abuse problem for decades, with numbers rising every year. With more addiction comes more recovery, a fact that is not being overlooked by business owners and legislators across the state. It is estimated that there are over two hundred sober living homes in cities throughout Arizona, though not all are as regulated as most might assume.

Population becoming an Issue?

While some sober living homes abide by all state and federal laws concerning the health and wellness of the residents in the home and of outside members of the community, others do not. Many recovery homes tend to go under the radar, often turning residential houses into group homes without warning. Without informing the neighborhood and surrounding community of the business being conducted in their area, some homeowners are growing concerned as they are found left in the dark. In some places, like Prescott, AZ, where sober living homes are becoming the norm in neighborhoods within the small town, crime and drug arrests are increasing. The population is progressively growing weary of the group homes sprouting up around them, and is beginning to question just how accountable those in charge of the homes really are.

However, not everyone in the communities around sober living homes are as concerned. There is outreaching support for recovering drug and alcohol addicts in the areas they reside, especially for individuals who have been through the recovery process. Those who have experienced the grueling process know how important having a solid foundation, like a recovery home, is.

What is the House Bill 2017?

House Bill 2017 is currently being passed in Arizona, which will give legislators more control over the regulation of recovery homes around the state. The bill is moving on to the House where a full vote will be needed to move onto the Senate. The goal of the bill is for sober living homes to adequately meet the needs of the residents and promote health and wellness for both those residing in the group homes and their fellow community members.

Regulation of sober living homes is welcomed by most recovery homes who are prepared to abide by the laws that will be set in place. Carla Vista, a Valley based sober living home network, is completely willing to have their business placed under a microscope. The organization, which began as a small, three home based charity, is always up to date on state and federal laws regarding group homes, explaining that they stand nothing to lose with the changing regulations.

With the end of addiction and recovery in Arizona nowhere in sight, the legislation necessary to control these entities will always be up for debate. Changes are on the horizon as House Bill 2017 is sure to make waves across the state in the near future.

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