Pros and Cons of Sober Living Homes

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The huge increase in our nation’s need for quality treatment centers has likewise increased the need for sober living homes. Addiction is not a condition that comes to an abrupt end when a person completes an inpatient program.

Sober living is a necessary step in the process of recovery, and equally important as any other. With that in mind let us discuss a few of the pros and cons of halfway houses.

Pro – Supervision

Accountability is the name of the game, and addicts are usually incapable of providing it for themselves. People who are fresh out of treatment benefit greatly from having someone monitor their behavior, and guide them when necessary. This makes it much more likely that people will end up at their meetings and diligently work their program. Drug tests are no fun, but they might save your life

Pro – Continuity of Structure

Another tool for eliminating risk and preventing relapse is structure. One of the most important aspects of inpatient treatment is scheduled activity. A daily regimen brings about a sense of purpose and keeps and addict busy. A halfway house allows a person to more naturally transition back into the world after rehab by continuing to provide a safe and structured environment. Although federal sober living laws are few and far between, there are often local ordinances that apply, as well as staff members that enforce the guidelines of the home.

Con – Restricted Level of Freedom

When most people get out of treatment the last thing they want is more rules. People telling you what to do and when to do it can get can get old fast. But without limitations it is very likely an addict would quickly return to their old routine. Although you crave your freedom, deep down inside you know that what is best for you and what you want do not always fall in line.

Pro – Like Minded Community

You will certainly never get lonely in a sober home, and you will always have a friend around when you need one. A halfway house for women is a great choice for young girls trying to get sober because there is always a reliable support system. Living in a community that understands you can provide a great sense of comfort during an otherwise stressful period of time. This is also a moment in life when everyone needs as much help as they can get. A community can give you job assistance, emotional support, transportation, and good old fashioned words of wisdom.

Con – Surrounded by other Addicts/Group-Living

Living in a group setting is always hard. But throw a bunch of irresponsible addicts into the mix and you have a recipe for pandemonium. This is ultimately a critically important part of the process though. People are learning to be patient, while others are learning how to respect shared spaces. Everyone is leaning on each other whilst making their best effort to improve themselves. It might seem stressful, but sober living Phoenix style can have a lot of collateral benefits. Some of the houses are seriously magnificent.


Many people are unaware that sober living homes cost on average about the same amount as a normal apartment. All of the added benefits that an addict so desperately needs are included. Everyone in the process of recovery should do their research and find the best halfway house available. Sobriety is not a game, so don’t play with your life. Sober living should not be a mere consideration after treatment, it should be an absolute must.

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