There is nothing more important than having a solid support system while in recovery. Having people that you can lean on and who understand the changes occurring in your life can be the difference in a successful recovery. While staying in one of our homes, Carla Vista will ensure that you have the resources necessary to help you move forward in your life. Our guests are encouraged to see support outside of the home, by joining groups and finding additional treatment. We want everyone in the Carla Vista family to feel that they are never alone while on their journey to sober living, and external sources are a great way to make powerful connections. These connections could be the difference in changing your life for the better, so do not hesitate to seek the positive, empowering relationships that come from joining a support group.

Check out these resources and decide which will be most beneficial to your recovery. Everyone’s path to living a healthy, sober lifestyle is different. Find a resource that fits your unique needs and discover the endless benefits of having a network of people to lean on can be.

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