How Women Can Conquer Sobriety

Sobriety is tough for some people. Because of upbringing, personality disorders, DNA or inability to cope with challenges, alcohol may seem the only way to control the ugliness of one’s inner self. No one can understand fully what you are feeling on the inside because they are not you. However, discovering alcohol and using as a crutch is never a good thing.

Women that turn to alcohol may have different reasons than that of men. While men tend to try and keep up with the crowd on a social level, women use alcohol in a more personal way. In fact, there are some women that have never visited a bar, but choose to drink at home. Sober living at home can become a challenge in itself once this corner of closet drinking has been turned. Here are a few reasons why women drink at home:

  • Feeling worthless
  • Alleviate stress
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Become more likeable to family members

While taking that first drink can produce a calming feeling, statistics show that women have an accelerated rate of alcohol dependence compared to men. Their bodies also process alcohol more slowly and they need less to feel the same effects as a man. Put this together with changing levels of hormones and you have the beginning of a daily drinking ritual.

Why Sober Living is Important to Women

Women take on many different roles in the world today. Everything from child rearing to having a career leaves little time for taking care of your own needs. Alcohol only adds an unnecessary burden on you life by fighting a false sense of perception. Sober living for women forces you to discover a well-rounded way of handling life instead of hiding. It may not be easy, but finding that perfect way to enjoy sober living at home can make everything seem worthwhile.

Health Issues are Compounded in Women

A woman’s brain and other internal organs cannot process alcohol at a healthy level due to their body fat and metabolism. This increases the risk of a sluggish brain and organ disorders. It is hard enough to stay healthy and active without intentionally doing harm to your body.

It is not always easy to create a happy life around you and your family. It takes time, work and diligence to find the right comfort level. However, it is impossible to start unless you join the ranks of sober living for women. Once you decide that sobriety is the only way to find a path to contentment in life, it will be easier to move ahead without alcohol.

Consider your family and their needs. Think about the ramifications of poor health. You are not alone in trying to see the good in life, but taking the right steps to create the right scenario will bring lots of joy. Stay away from boredom, find a passion that brings out the best in you and spend as much time as possible with nature.

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