How Sober Living Homes Can Benefit Your Community

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of sober living homes in and around residential communities over the last few decades. Although we may see these homes and organizations popping up around us, many do not fully understand the purpose that these housing units serve.

Sober living homes are places for recovering drug and alcohol addicts to live after leaving rehabilitation. For many individuals who finish treatment, the harsh reality is that there is no safe place for them to call home. During what is one of the most challenging times in an addict’s life, many are forced back on the streets.


In order to fight the stigma and provide secure housing for addicts seeking to change their lives, sober living homes are the answer. With rules, a support system, and a place for those in recovery to find their place in society, sober living homes provide addicts with the structure necessary to keep fighting for a healthier life.

Gaining Productive Community Members

Arguably the most beneficial reason to having a sober living home in a community is that the area is gaining another contributing member. Most sober living organizations require that their residents are enrolled in school, maintain a job, or volunteer on a regular basis. By doing so, individuals in recovery are able to find their place in the community, devoting themselves to something on a larger scale.

Carla Vista, a leader in sober living homes, explains that by ensuring that their residents are involved with an organization or activity outside of the home, residents are more likely to stay sober. They say that the Carla Vista residents are motivated and find purpose with something to do, increasing the chance that they will continue on participating in society post sober living home.

Increase Sobriety, Decrease Addiction

remodeled-kitchen-sober-homeWhile recovering addicts are living in sober living homes, the likelihood that they continue to stay sober increases significantly. Sober living homes typically require their residents to subject to random drug tests, keeping residents accountable for their actions.

What does this mean for the communities in which addicts reside?

Well, with less individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol who are continuing to use, the rate of incidence decreases. The more addicts who are in recovery and sober means that there is less drug use and alcohol abuse in the community, making the area a safer, more comfortable place for everyone.

Communities of Compassion

A huge plus that is often overlooked when sober living homes are built in a community is the positive impact that it will have on the people within the community. Building relationships and having a connection to individuals whose story is different from the norm helps everyone gain an understanding of a different perspective.

When a community is able to come together and rally behind the well being of others, great things come for not only the addict with a new support system, but those supporting him or her, too. Carla Vista residents say that the kind people who have raised helping hands during their time of need have been instrumental in their lasting sobriety.

If you hear of a sober living home in your community, be sure to inquire and learn more about the residents and the organization housing them.
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