Sober Living Homes in Tempe, AZ

Sober Living House Tempe, AzRecovering from an alcohol or drug addiction is one challenge that that is a lifetime battle. The best way to ensure recovery has lasting effects is by being surrounded by a support system that understands the needs and struggles of living life sober. One of the most difficult times in recovery is often the beginning of the journey. Life is changing and adjusting to clean and healthy living is a process. This new way of life takes time to get used to, so having the support and safety of a welcoming home is key.

If you are looking for a compassionate, understanding, and safe sober living home in Tempe, Arizona, Carla Vista is the place for you. We have four valley wide homes for addicts looking to change their lives in an environment that allows for growth and acceptance. Our homes are located in areas filled with parks, hiking, and other recreational activities that allow residents to enjoy all that our beautiful weather has to offer, year round. By keeping busy our residents can keep their end goals in mind at all times. Each home is clean, in a beautiful neighborhood, and filled with other residents that have been through the struggles faced in recovery. Our live-in house managers provide our residents with the guidance and advice that addicts often seek during this change in their lives. Having other people who understand the struggles that addicts face during recovering is essential for our residents.

While residing with Carla Vista, our residents attend house meetings and 12-step meetings. Residents are also provided with a sponsor to help mentor them through recovery. Our job placement services ensure that residents have jobs within two weeks of admission, allowing those recovering to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. In the Tempe area, finding work can be a struggle, especially for individuals looking to change their lives for the better. We have found that being a productive member of society allows our residents to stay focused on their goals for the future. If a job is not what residents are seeking at this time, we do ask that they volunteer or go to school to continue their education.

One of the best features that Carla Vista provides its residents is freedom that other Tempe sober living homes for alcohol and drug addicts do not allow for. Our residents can have guests over and can leave when they please as long as the curfew rules are respected. Although our residents are expected to pass random breathalyzer and drug testing, we want our home to feel like your own. We call ourselves a family and our residents become part of the supportive, devoted community that we have built. Carla Vista is designed for addicts seeking this type of environment where we know residents will flourish.

The Carla Vista family is ready to welcome all addicts in recovery a place to stay at an affordable price. If you or your loved ones are in the Tempe area, or anywhere across the Valley, including Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale or Mesa, take a tour of one of our homes to see how Carla Vista can be the difference in the start to successful sober living.

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