Tiffany’s Story – Tiffany E.

Started using at 19…. Heroin sand perks and oxys. Broke foot in the navy. Broke foot and they gave her oxys… did it for three yeasrs then got introduced to heroin and did that for 9 months in a row .. from 19 to 21 then to heroin…. Started progressing. Lived with grandparents . crashed car on heroin and painkillers at 21 and got out of doing jail time because her grandfather worke d with lawa inrofncenct.. ended up getting charged later on when she was in sobriety and ended up doing jail time then… 24 hours and puyt on probation for 1 year… after hospital went home and continued to use…. Got bad. Went to rehab in march 2013… went to rehab because started getting swick and didn’t know what else to do. Went to rehab in chandler and stayed there for 3g3 days… there she had her moment of clarity. Knew about recovery through her mother… and realized that she would die if sahe continue to use.. there4 she went on for an extra 8 days. Right after that went on the CV through the suggestion of her sponsor even though she wanted to go home . took the suggestion… one of the first time she had ever took someone else suggestion.

Still at CV …. Been there for the past 14 months…. When first got there planned to leve in 90 days but realized that it was the best way to be of service… got her out of her shell teached her to befriend others and how to interach positively with women…. Got to develop her interpersonal skills… learned about accountability and responsibility…. Would not showup to job interviews… but not anymore… leasrned to set goals and follow through on these goals…. Working serving as a waitress and has helpd that for the past six months. Hadn’t held a job that long since she was 17…

Also house manager and now feels grateful for everything that has occurred in her life because of where she is right now… grateful to be alive because of what the went through and where she is right now…

Now she is giving back by taking women sthought the 12 steps program… this is what it’s abituy for her…   From San Tan Valley… sees herself going back to school to get her degree in pyshology wher she can use that to help others. Was a mesa community plans to go there for two years and then transfer to ASU… 23 years old… the number oneadvice if to open up your mind and take the suggestion of others who have been there before … she got first hand taste for how effective others suggestions are….

Hit others in a car these people had injuries that the accidents irritated.. and she suffered a srapined and a slipped disc and a cons=cussion… came very close to dying from a broken neck. Hospitalized for a few days in a semi coma…. Grafather worked inth e Pinal Country sheriff’s department…. As a sergeant.

Grewup with her grandparents….

Tiffany's Story - Tiffany E. Rating: 10 out of 10 Tiffany's Story - Tiffany E. Rating: 10 out of 10 Tiffany's Story - Tiffany E. Rating: 10 out of 10 Tiffany's Story - Tiffany E. Rating: 10 out of 10

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