What is the 12 Step Program? Can it Help My Addiction?

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In addiction recovery, there are many methods to achieving success, including medications, sober living homes, counseling and behavioral therapy; however, one of the most often-used and proven techniques involves the twelve step program.

What is the 12 Step Program?

The 12 steps of recovery were originally developed for Alcoholics Anonymous, a group dedicated to alcohol addiction recovery support. Since the development of this program, many other addiction recovery groups and sober living homes have implemented the 12 steps in combating addictions of all kinds.

What are the 12 Steps?

1. Admitting powerlessness over alcohol

This step involves admitting that there is an addiction problem that must be addressed. It is often considered the most difficult step as it requires an addict to give in to the recovery process.

2. Coming to believe in a higher power

The second step allows you to investigate that which is larger than the self in recovering from addiction.

3. Submitting to the will of the higher power

Step three focuses on developing a relationship with a higher power through submission. There is no specific religious affiliation involved in undertaking this step.

4. Taking a moral inventory

In step four, you are given the opportunity to introspectively examine the self, complete with its positive and negative attributes.

5. Admitting moral failings to the higher power and to others

After identifying a higher power and developing a trusting relationship, step five involves reaching out to others in admitting wrongdoings. This step is meant to foster healthy relationships through honesty.

6. Becoming ready to allow change through the higher power

Step six provides a chance to ready yourself for change through your higher power by preparing yourself for a life of sobriety.

7. Actively asking for and believing in change through the higher power

In step seven, you willfully ask to become a changed person through your higher power.

8. Making a list of wrongs committed against others due to addictive behaviors

Addiction can cause you to hurt people around you, either directly or indirectly. In step eight, you take an inventory of the wrongs that you have caused through your behavior so that you can attempt to correct them.

9. Making amends to those who have been wronged in instances where doing so will not cause more harm than good

Step nine involves actively taking part in recovery by reaching out to those who have been affected by your actions and making amends when possible.

10. Continuing to watch for negative behavior associated with addiction and actively taking steps to correct wrongs

Undertaking step 10 is a continual process where you monitor your behavior, recognize faults and take corrective measures as problems arise.

11. Continuing to develop a relationship with the higher power through prayer and consciousness

Step 11 allows you to continue to grow in your relationship and trust with your higher power, allowing yourself to be placed in a role where your higher power’s will is greater than your own desires.

12. Understanding the overall value of a relationship with the higher power and using the experience to help others

The final part of the twelve step program inspires you to reach out to others in a supportive attempt to pass on the lessons that you have learned in recovery.

The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps are often undertaken over the course of months or years, but when practiced sincerely with a desire to see positive change, they are often a very beneficial support tool. Additionally, many people living the 12 steps will do so under the guidance of a sponsor, or someone who has already worked the steps and can offer insight and support during the process.

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