Finding a drug and alcohol free environment to continue on with your sobriety after rehabilitation can be very hard for some women. Carla Vista Sober Living Homes for Women in Arizona are the solution to this problem.

Our homes are fully furnished, located in residential neighborhoods and in a close proximity to our mandatory 12-step process meetings. Coming out of rehabilitation, it is detrimental to place yourself in a drug or alcoholic filled environment and just sets yourself up for failure.

Carla Vista Sober Living Homes in Arizona are completely drug and alcohol free, as ensured by each houses individual house manager. Our house managers enact randomized drug and alcohol tests to be positive our homes are completely sober, giving you the best environment to stay sober as possible. By having our homes gender specific and in residential neighborhoods, we give residents a comfortable, safe environment to live in until they are ready to be on their own again.

By requiring our women to maintain either a full time job, be a full time student or do community service hours, we help our residents to push themselves back out into the real world in Arizona and get back on their feet again, this time sober.

Becoming sober is not a task that should be done alone, and Carla Vista Sober Living Homes for Women in Arizona are here to be there for you and surround you with people who have the same goal as you: to become sober.

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