If you or a loved one just completed rehabilitation and are looking to make the next step to complete sobriety, Carla Vista Sober Living Homes for Women are the solution to your problem.

Located in Chandler, Arizona, Carla Vista Homes are in residential neighborhoods to give them the most comfortable, safe environment possible. Our homes are fully furnished, within walking distance of mandatory 12-step meetings and completely drug and alcohol free. We at Carla Vista help are dedicated to helping women have the smoothest transition back into society possible.

Carla Vista Women’s Sober Living Homes in Chandler require complete and total sobriety from our residents. By using randomized drug and alcohol tests, we can ensure that our homes are one hundred percent drug free. We also require each woman living in our homes to maintain either a full time job, community service position or be a full time student. We at Carla Vista help force our residents back into the real world and put you back on your feet as smoothly as possible.

We are dedicated to helping our women get sober and regain control of their life and know exactly what it takes to do so. Our founder battled an addiction and wants to help everyone possible to beat their addictions and get back on track in life.

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