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Get Sober

Have you ever woken up on a random morning, when the moment you opened your eyes, instantly felt yourself to be in the state of complete health, bliss, and joyful expectation, ready to face the new day and its challenges, eager to give your personal best in all situations, to all people around you, including yourself?

Can you imagine and feel this power, fully believing that it is possible, no matter where you or your loved ones currently are on the journey of life?

When struggling with various addictions, this might seem like an impossible and even incomprehensible dream, far from reality, experiencing the exact opposite of this vibrant clarity: exhaustion, confusion, frustration, disappointment, lethargy, or even anger. Such emotions are not only normal but extremely common when optimal living and functioning are nothing but a distant memory.

When the delicate and interconnected systems of the human body, mind, and soul are supported, such optimal living is not only possible but expected and highly likely to return to your or your loved ones’ lives, once again. It is available for everyone, regardless of their background, in relation to alcohol or drug use.

Indeed, recovery from addictions with proper professional help, counseling, and therapy, is within reach. When the sincere desire about getting better and deserving to live an optimal and happy life, no matter the past, is born and powerful enough to challenge you, the first and most important step towards healing and wholeness has been claimed and taken.

This journey is difficult. It takes you to places within that you’ve never touched or even known to be existent. Traveling this road takes strength, determination, and a large dose of stubbornness, knowing and believing that you are worth it. Even when you’ve securely grabbed a hold of the realization that you truly deserve your wellbeing and complete health, you will be tested, usually when you least expect it. “Are you sure? Are you confident that the new, optimal version of you is worth fighting for?”

Knowing You Matter

It is our sincere belief that you know just how important and special you are. We have no doubt that you will be successful on your journey, whether you are the one fighting an alcohol or drug addiction, or you are a support person for someone who is ready to completely revamp their lives by choosing to commit to sobriety.

This page was created to offer you help and hope. Sober living success stories do exist and we bring them to you here, believing that you will find a great sense of encouragement in reading these, knowing that others have fought battles like your very own, remaining faithful to their goals, eventually succeeding and embracing victory.

Below you will find a variety of sober living success stories that will give you more than just information on how to get sober and maintain this state without a relapse. Reading these stories will emotionally connect you to others, feel their struggles, relate to their hardships, help you feeling more empowered, as well as more supported on your own journey.

When you make up your mind to commit to finding out how to get sober, browsing through such stories of hope, personal transformation, and incredible courage in the face of great difficulties, you get the chance to feel what it’s like to overcome all that stands in the way of reaching your goal and feeling joyful, vibrant, and complete once again, or perhaps, the first time ever.

We wish you nothing less than experiencing this state of total health and wholeness and we hope the stories presented here will support you on your journey!

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